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iNet News Team

Johannesburg Summit. The iNet News Team is covering the World Summit on Sustainable Development in Johannesburg, South Africa. [August 2002]
Africa - US Energy Ministers meet again in Durban, South Africa for the Second Africa Energy Ministers Conference. The iNet News Team was there. [December 2000]
Porvenir, Bolivia. Village Power 2000 Team Bolivia installs solar powered satellite based internet connection in the remote community of Porvenir. [October 2000]
US - Africa Energy Ministers Meet. Representatives from over 40 countries from the continent of Africa converged on the city of Tucson for the U.S. – Africa Energy Ministers Conference. The iNet News Team was there. [December 1999]
Solar Light for Churches of Africa. The iNet News Team™ helped to install solar systems in Ugandan schools and clinics for lighting and computers. [July / August 1999]
The National Town Meeting for a Sustainable America. The iNet News Team™ has been to Detroit, and the Youth Delegates were heard! [May 1999]

The iNetNews Service, a multi-media, project-based, experiential learning program for students, is sponsored by SolarQuest® and the Earth Day Network. iNetNews Team correspondents (students with a demonstrated interest in sustainable energy) report on local, national, and international events.
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